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Re: Two monitor advantage?

I switched to a two monitor setup and I wouldn't want to go back.  I had an ancient MAG Innovision 15" and an nVidia TNT2 AGP card, and I didn't want to toss either one of them.  So I bought a 19" NEC FP950 monitor (not too cheap), and a (cheap-$19) nVidia Vanta PCI card and hooked up the new monitor to the old card and the old monitor to the new card.  A dual monitor card is probably the way to go if you're upgrading your whole system, but I needed a new monitor and didnt want to necessarily get rid of the TNT2 card, so buying the second card was ideal.  I didn't have any trouble getting everything working together.  I don't bother color managing the old 15" since I just use it for menus and text. The only problem is what someone else mentioned about the color swatch pallette being a little off--not a problem for me in PS since I only use it for photos--in Painter I just keep a small color set in the corner of my 19" monitor.

Why I like a 2 monitor setup: 

1) Being able to see my photos with no overlying junk and no futzing with keyboard shortcuts

2) Keeping PS open on the big monitor, and the browser I use for my photo files (CompuPic) open on the smaller monitors.  I can look for the photo I need and drag and drop it into PS.

3) For learning new programs I can keep a tutorial or help screen open on the little monitor while I work in the program on the big one.

To keep this nominally on topic, what is the "Windex trick"  I'm having a clog problem and lots of little parallel magenta lines randomly across my prints on my 1270, and haven't been successful running the cleaning cycle over and over.  Sounds like I better keep turning the thing off if I do ever get clean prints again.


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