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Re: Greeting card stock?

Linda Jacobslajacobs@gte.net5/23/02 6:42 PM

> Steve, Red River Paper (www.redrivercatalog.com) has a new greeting card
> line. The sample pack is $4.99 and you get free shipping. Here is what you
> get:
> "This special sample kit includes 7 X 10 (A-7) prescored sheets of our
> greeting and announcement card weight papers in gloss, matte and watercolor
> finishes. Plus, you get one prescored sample that folds to 4.5 X 6.25 (A-6).
> In addition, you'll find one each of our A-7 sized white, eggshell and sheer
> transparent envelopes. And there's one each of our 4.4 X 6.15 (A-6) See-Thru
> inserts in clear, pearl and rainbow finishes."
> They have a couple of glossy stocks: a 53lb premium gloss with a plain paper
> side 2, and a 55lb Frio Gloss with a matte coated back. Prices are quite
> good and you can't beat their service.
> The kit is very nice as are the papers.
> Hope this helps.
> Linda

I just ordered a sample from there. Thanks


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