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Re: 1270 not printing

At 02:03 PM 24/05/2002 +0100, Bob Frost wrote:

>no ink comes out of the head during printing!! 
>It moves over the paper properly
>where the printing should be, so it's clearly getting all the image info,
>but nothing is coming out of the head while printing.

Wish I could tell you why.  I've had two well used Epsons, a 700 and a 1200
stop spitting ink and there have been several others report similar
failures.  Logically it is likely either a head or controller board
failure, but I do not know how to diagnose which.  I still have the dead
1200 in hopes that a repair may be possible.  A head isn't too expensive
but the controller board is.

Has anyone with this type of failure had Epson repair the printer?  If so
can you comment?

>So if ink can be squirted out during a cleaning cycle, why not while

The head isn't squirting the ink out it is being sucked out by the vacuum pump.


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