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Re: Epson-Inkjet-Digest V2000 #1890

Another comment on this query from CJ:

My experience is similar to Carl's -- I have an Epson 870 and a 1280. In my 
case, the 870 has no problem that I've noticed with staying powered on for 
weeks at a time. But the 1280 was driving me crazy with black ink clogs as 
long as I treated it the same way -- just leaving it powered on. Then I 
read on a list (this one??) about people having exactly this trouble with 
1280s, and learned the easy solution: power it off if it is not in use. I 
had a hard time getting in the habit, and still occasionally walk into the 
office and find it still powered up. That costs me a few cleaning cycles. 
So gradually I'm learning, and now I rarely forget: I power down if I think 
I won't use it in the next hour.

My conclusion is that it depends not only on the model, but on the 
individual printer, though some models are more prone to clogs than others.


>Quick question for all you Epson users -
>At night do you turn the power off on your Epson printer or keep it on?
>I have the Epson Stylus Photo 700 printer.    I know Epson says you should
>turn it off when you are done using it - but I find it takes a while to reset
>itself and sometimes cleans the ink which uses more ink after turning it on.
>My other printer (HP Laserjet) I leave on 24 hours a day 7 days a week even
>if I am on vacation...  I don't think twice about it.
>What do you recommend for your Epsons?
>- -CJ

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