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Re: Two-Monitor advantage? (was LCD Monitors)


For the past 6 months I have used a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060 (CRT) and an
LG Flatron 563LE (LCD). The Mitsubishi is obviously my main monitor and I
just use the cheap LCD for parking my PS palettes.

Best thing I ever did. No problem with moving my eyes or head. In fact all
health recommendations suggest you should move your head and body frequently
to avoid 'fixation' problems with staring at a monitor. You don't need color
management on the second monitor; most have sufficient controls to let you
roughly match them to the calibrated main monitor.

A Matrox 450 or 550 gives you the best dual control for 2D work, without the
whizz-kid 3D stuff of gamers.

Bob Frost

----- Original Message -----
From: "Konrad Poth" <kpoth@bellsouth.net>

> In response to a question I asked about setting up a double-monitor
> I received the replies below.
> Rob Meier recommends just using Shift-Tab to hide the tools rather than
> shifting the eyes between two monitors.
> I would like to hear from those who use two monitors - or who have tried
> that system and reverted - as to the advantages and disadvantages.  Does
> enhance your workflow?  Is it more cumbersome than practical?  Why not
> use Shift-Tab to hide/show tools?

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