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Re: 16 bit editing...

> Here is a real world comparison for you.
> http://www.pbase.com/mark_kn/16bit_vs_8bit_editing
> The image was taken with a Canon D60 in RAW mode and converted to a 16 bit
> TIF.
> A duplicate was made and converted to 8 bit.
> An equal amount of levels were applied to both images.
> The files were then resized to 640x480 for speed of loading and saved as JPG
> quality 10.
> No other manipulation was performed.
> Download the images (they are ~80k each). Look at the original. Notice how far
> down in the shadows the lower portion of the image is. Now observe the Johnson
> grass in the lower right foreground on the 16 bit edited file compared with
> the
> 8 bit edited file. Draw you own conclusions.
> Regards,
> Mark K.

How many bits does the Canon D60 give you in RAW Mode to begin with?



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