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Re: 16 bit editing...

--- mrkeene@attbi.com wrote:
> Download the images (they are ~80k each). Look at the original.
> Notice how far
> down in the shadows the lower portion of the image is. Now observe
> the Johnson
> grass in the lower right foreground on the 16 bit edited file
> compared with the
> 8 bit edited file. Draw you own conclusions.

That is a really neat example. The difference between 8 bit and 16 bit
is huge. Can you give some more detail about the manipulation that was
done here. Personally, I would have selected the sky and the grass
seperately. Then I would have applied different corrections for each
selection and saved the image as *.psd, i.e. with the curve
corrections. That way I do not change the origional image and can make
as many changes to the curves/levels as I wish. I use this always with
8-bit after making major adjustments in 16-bit. If there is a better
technique (and I am sure there is) please give us some more info.



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