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RE: Subject: RE: "proofing lights"

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In a message dated 5/23/02 2:12:59 PM, boman@vinland.com writes:

>Since the Ott-Lite tubes are can be used in a regular fixture,  the
>customers should also be able to buy a local fluorescent fixture that 
>uses the 2-pin 13 Watt compact fluorescent tubes and then just insert 
>the Ott-Lite tube instead of the original one.
>One thing to watch out for is that there is not a colored reflector in 
>the fixture that will affect the light.

Ott-Lite has designed their more recent products to restrict mix and
with third party components.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative

As in the bases f the tubes have fins and tabs that are unique to each
line and would need to be removed to fit into a standard socket.

Joel Rittvo

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