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RE: 16 bit editing...

Bob writes ...

> That's a fair point, but I definitely do not want to have to
> re-work all my old images.

> From: "John M. Roper" <johnroper@sbcglobal.net>
> > > So if keeping my files in 16-bit means that in a year
> > > or two I can reprint them on a 16-bit printer,
> > >then that is probably a good enough reason.

  PS6 allows for printing 16bit images, but there is no advantage except for
not having to first convert to 8bits.  That is, it has been shown the
increased depth (number of colors) cannot be perceived by human observation.

  The advantages for highbits is for severe tonal adjustments only.  You
should be able to demonstrate this for yourself.  Crop a 16bit subtle
gradient from an area of blue sky ... duplicate it ... and convert the
duplicate to 8bits.  Next use the 'levels' adjustment to stretch either
image to fill up the RGB histogram, BUT before clikking on 'OK', save the
adjustment so that it can be applied equally to the other image.  Once this
is done, the visual difference as well as the histograms should make the
advantages obvious.

  Why anyone would want to apply an adjustment this severe is another
question, but the next time you want to brighten and add contrast to a
underexposed backlit subject and wanting to maintain subtle skin tone
gradients, you might wish you were working with highbits.

  Two pertinent articles by Bruce Fraser can be found here:

The High-Bit Advantage

You Can't Do This to High-Bit Files in Photoshop (or Can You?)

cheerios ... shAf  :o)
Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

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