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Re: 16 bit editing...

--- Jerry Olson <jerryolson@rrv.net> wrote:
> Mike,
> Then could you please tell me why every single image I make can be
> manipulated cleaner in 16 bit mode than in 8 bit mode? Especially in
> black and white! There is always noise in the shadows when an extreme
> curve is made in 8 bit, but not 16 bit.


I'm NOT saying there isn't a difference. I said I've never seen it. So do me a
favor and post the differences so I can see it for myself. I don't do any black
and white work so that's a non starter for me. I keep reading theories and
claims, but nobody posts. Post the same image with the same editing steps with
8 and 16 bit images. Down sampling the 16 bit image to 8 bits, then post the

> Is this a phenomenon of drum scanners, which I suppose Dan uses? Maybe
> it's true for really high end scanners, but the ones we mortals use do
> indeed show a difference! 

Then POST! I certainly don't use high end scanners. But like Dan, I haven't
seen a difference for my typical subject matter.

> What would cause this to be the case in my
> workflow? It's so obvious to my eyes, that something must be going on
> that I am unaware of, or I must have a setting wrong somewhere. If this
> is really true, (and I've never read anywhere that it was,)  It's always
> "Edit in 16 bit mode!", what would your best guess be as to what I'm
> doing wrong?

I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong. But I'm going to take one of my
images and do what I suggest and then post them to show people what I don't
see. I'll inform the list when it's done.

> Jer
> >
>  But I gotta tell you, I have yet to actually see these
> > differences in real pictures. MANY are very passionate about editing in 16
> > bits. They give you the reasoning. They present charts and graphs. They
> give
> > you test cases (like color bands), instruct you to perform various editing
> > functions, then tell you to evaluate the histogram to see the differences.
> But
> > in all my years of doing this, I have yet to have 1 person present 2 real
> > pictures, one edited in 8 bits, the other in 16 bits, that actually reveals
> the
> > difference. It's not just me either. Dan Margulis, author of Professional
> > Photoshop apparently has a standing bet. From what I've heard, he's
> challenged
> > anybody to produce an image that reveals the difference in the image, not
> in
> > charts or graphs. From my understanding, nobody has done it yet.
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