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Re: Drivers for 1270 and 1290

Pete MacKenzie wrote:

> I am running OS 9.1 on a G3 Mac and have an Epson 1290. I also
> have Adobe PressReady which has a driver for a 1270 but I believe that there
> will be no further driver updates and so no driver for the 1290. As there
> are many essential similarities, including inkset, between the two printers
> is it possible to get the 1290 to use the 1270 driver?

Yes, with a bit of ResEdit hacking you can get it to work.  I did it to get
a 1280 working under PressReady.  Below is a copy of an old post I saved
from the ColorSync list that explains how to do it.  Thanks to Rick Gordon
for the nice detailed explanation

Bob Smith

Try this, which has worked for me in making PressReady drive the 875DC from
an 870 driver, modified as I would expect for the 1270->1290 change. Work on
a copy of your files.

1) Start with a PressReady installation for the 1270.

2) Make a copy of the Chooser-level driver; in my case I copied the driver
named "PR Epson 1270 (U)" and renamed the copy "PR Epson 1290 (U)". If
you're not using the USB driver, make the analogous changes on the driver
you're using.

3) Using a resource editor, I changed all of the following references to the
870 in it:

 a) PAPA -1892: Change name to "PR Epson 1290"

 b) STR -4081: "Stylus Photo 1290"

 c) STR -4098: "Devices:device-tree:PRINTER:Stylus Photo 1290"

 d) STR -8140: "PR EPSON 1290 (U)"

 e) STR -8185: "PR EPSON 1290 (U) Prefs"

 f) TEXT -8165: Make the following changes at the beginning of the resource:

    *Product: "(Stylus Photo 1290)"
    *ModelName: "EPSON 1290 (PressReady)"
    *ShortNickName: "EPSON 1290 (PressReady)"
    *NickName: "EPSON Stylus Photo 1290 (PressReady)"

4) Make a copy of the printer description named "Epson 1270 (PressReady)"
and rename it to "Epson 1290 (PressReady)".

5) Using a resource editor that will allow access to the data fork or a text
editor that won't trash the resource fork on resaving, and make the
following changes, all obvious and near the beginning of the file:

    *Product: "(Stylus Photo 1290)"
    *ModelName: "EPSON 1290 (PressReady)"
    *ShortNickName: "EPSON 1290 (PressReady)"
    *NickName: "EPSON Stylus Photo 1290 (PressReady)"

That's it. You should then be able to choose the printer via the "PR Epson
1290 (U)" driver in the Chooser, and create a desktop printer.

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