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Re: Greetings

Recently, Ken Newman typed...

> My question:  I have recently purchased an Epson 820.  (I'm planning
> on buying MIS archival B&W cartridges and using the 1200 as a high
> quality B&W printer)  I was told by a reputable source that the 820's
> ink formulation is such that near-archival quality can be expected.
> Does anyone's real world experience bear this out??  I sell a
> considerable number of images online and would like to be able to
> fulfill my own orders.  But I don't want clients threatening physical
> harm if the images go to orange or fade.

Ken, I am using an 820 with Epson Heavyweight Matt paper and Epson ink. I
have had two photos behind a single pane of glass on the south-facing
service door of my garage for the last two months. I just checked and can
see an almost-imperceptible fading of black when comparing the exposed
surfaces with the covered surfaces. The lighter and colored areas on the
photos appears to be unchanged.

This is not a definitive answer, but I am encouraged. The prints from the
820 are remarkably more stable than those I made earlier on my 800.

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