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transporting CIS systems

How would one go about transporting an Epson 1280 with a CIS system? 
Transporting, as in, traveling with it in a car across ten states for 
two days.  I've thought of a few options...

1)  Traveling with everything level and as is, cleaning up any drips 
that may come out of the cartridges.

2)  Detaching the cartidges from the printer, putting some kind of 
tape over the nozzle holes, and maybe running a flush cartridge 
through once or twice so I don't get dried ink on the nipples, then 
putting everything back in place once I'm home.

3)  Something other than the above.

Number one seems the easiest...  but number two seems a little more 
careful.  Which would you suggest?  and what kind of tape would I use 
to plug the holes?  any problems that you can see might arise?

thanks for your help!

john gale
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