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Re: flat-panel monitor selection

<I will need a new monitor, and it MUST be a flat-panel model.
I suspect (cant get any answers from Apple) that neither the offered 
Apple Studio Display 17-inch monitor, nor the Cinema Display (22 
inch) has the capability of separate gun control for calibration?  Is 
this so? Does anyone know?
So I  am looking for other options. Main requirement: it must be a 
flat panel, calibratable, to control my system's monitor-to -printer 
colorflow  sanity (you know what I mean).>

I own both these monitors and can confirm that neither one had RGB controls (there are no longer any "guns" involved with LCDs), but both are "prebalanced" by Apple to a degree that allows excellent calibration and profiling. SInce color balancing is all that the color controls are for, and Apple's hack does a reasonable job, there is really no loss in not having them. Using OptiCAL to calibrate your monitors, and choosing the "native whitepoint" setting offers supurb results with the Apple LCDs.

C. David Tobie
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