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RE: PhotoRetouch Pro Software

Photoshop uses layers for two rather separate things. It uses layers for
compositing images, which is useful, but irrelevant if you're merely editing
photos for printing and hanging on the wall. It also uses them for holding
adjustments, selections, masks, etc., which allows for some neat trickery,
but calling these things layers has always seemed a bit arbitrary to me. I
find that I very rarely use them in pure photo editing. I suspect that these
particular uses of layers evolved because they were an easy modification to
the existing compositing layers, and that they could be done just as well
with different techniques. That said, I've never used PhotoRetouch Pro, so I
don't know what analogous techniques they might have.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco@ix.netcom.com

> Jerry Olson <jerryolson@rrv.net> wrote:
> But without layers, it can't be too useful.

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