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Re: Okay, me & my 740

I have had the chattering happen on my 1200. Its an easy fix if it is 
the same problem.  Take a paper towel and clean the main silver carriage 
bar. Excessive ink on this bar is usually the cause for this noise and 
subsequent printing problems. Excessive ink on the bar may come from 
changing a cartridge or just by taking it  in & out other than for 
changing.  On the 1200- get to the right side of the bar  by unplgging 
it when the carriage is on the left.

Thursday, May 16, 2002, at 01:03  PM, mrs.thingy wrote:

> So, I pulled out the CIS cartridges in the 740 to work on the plugged
> magenta line. I very carefully did a little thing with Windex and a
> syringe, just to see if a little prodding might unplug it. After a few
> minutes, I put both cartridges back in and turned it on. Now the
> carriage swings to the very left and clatters; swings to the very right
> and clatters, then stops dead with all the left lights red, and the top
> red and green lights flashing. Now, what did I do? Any ideas as to how
> to get it back online? I really doubt I'll have the nerve to do a thing
> to the 1200 except change back to Epson inks.

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