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"proofing lights"

Maybe this is another of those relative newbie questions, but here goes:

The thread on Ott lights and similar illumination sources for prints has 
been very interesting to me. For quite some time a friend has been trying 
to convince me to buy an Ott light to use when I create my printer 
profiles. I've never done that because (except for a while, when I used 
pigment inks) I've been very happy with the profiles I've made, and haven't 
recognized problems.

I'm more than a little confused by parts of the Ott light thread. Are 
people using these lamps to assist with creation of printer profiles, or to 
assist with monitor profiling, or both? The talk of "reflectors" and black 
boxes has also left me behind.

Can someone point me to a source of info which would bring me up to speed?

Bill Hansen

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