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My 1200 is clogged up, Generations Ink

I'm in digest-mode, so hope I'm doing this right.

I tried soaking the sponge pads with Windex and letting it sit over-night. Nada! No change at all. So  I'm going to copy and paste all your suggestions and work down the list. Next I'm going to get the tubing and fill the print heads with Fantastik. In the meantime, having no printer, my husband bought me a C80 for Mother's Day. It works great except the black has an occasional light-banding. I'm supposing that cleaning the heads will take care of that, but haven't done it yet.

Thomas: Hvordan stor det til? Yes, the name is Scandinavian. My husband is from Norway. Thanks for the offer of a phone call. Mange tak.

Terrie: YES! The 740 has a USB port. I never thought of that! I'll try that today. My other printers are hooked to a USB. So if it won't work that way, then maybe the tech was wrong and there's something else wrong with it. It will make noises like it's going to print, then grunts and groans and eventually spits out pages of glibberish, like it's swearing at me.

Thanks to all of you for all your help. I love you guys. It's so wonderful to not feel alone with these misbehaving printers. I would never consider switching to another brand. I tried a couple others in the beginning and no one prints like an Epson. My old Epson Stylus II lasted for over five years, and was still going when I upgraded to the 1200.


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