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RE: 890 Drivers For 870?


I've done a fair bit of mucking around with 'printer name spoofing'
(meaning, changing the driver name to suit the software I want to use), and
also 'driver-fooling' (meaning the wrong driver to drive the printer you
have). [I just made those terms up]

In this way, I have managed to print very successfully using the Piezography
BW system to an 890 and a 1270 (neither of which are supported printers). I
have also used driver-fooling to print to a 1290 with a 1280 driver
(surprisingly, the drivers do seem to be different in implementation, and as
a result, curves etc for the 1280 driver do not tend to work on the 1290
driver), and this can occasionally work too.

So, referring to your specific example, you might find that to make the 890
profiles (or whatever) work with an 870 requires you to use an 890 driver,
pointed directly to the 870. BUT when you do such a thing, you will find it
quite easy to find some facility or function that the 890 driver supports
but the 870 does not - e.g. edge-toedge printing or 2880dpi. As soon as you
set your printer driver into these territories, things will start going

Finally, those profiles that you mention may not work anyway - but you may
get them to work.

If you would like to see some documentation on the tests that I note above,
please trake alook at the Support | Articles pages of the web-site


Nigel Rheam
MWORDS Limited   www.mwords.co.uk   Digital Fine Art

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> Subject: 890 Drivers For 870?
> Posted this sometime ago, never saw it, so here goes again...........
> (Don't know what is worse, sending a post without a correct
> subject line or
> sending a second post to correct the first. Sorry.)
> Not too long ago someone posted an address for the European Epson website.
> They have some interesting stuff there. One of which are PC
> profiles for the
> 890 and some other printers. I think I have the model correct, I get a
> little confused with the different US and Euro model numbers.
> Question. Will these profiles work with the 870?
> Thanks in advance.
> Warmest Regards,
> Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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