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Re: Best photo printer between Epson C80 or HP 940c?

I have an Alps MD 2300 which is for sale if anyone is interested.  I
replaced it with an Epson 1280.  I also have several unused ribbons, both
photo quality and metalic.  It is in excellent condition with all docs.
Please contact me off list.


ps. Somewhere down the thread was a reference to HP vs TexInst calculators -
once you learn RPN (reverse Polish notation), you'll understand how far HP
is ahead of everyone else.
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From: "Bill Boy" <boy@cybertrails.com>
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Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2002 12:34 AM
Subject: Re: Best photo printer between Epson C80 or HP 940c?

> Alps are slow but they do a good job, they also have been discontinued in
> the US and alps supplies will be around for another 4 years, You can buy
> same printer in europe undre a different name. They do a great job, I meen
> great job. I think the best use of one is for transfers and decals  tho.
> someone is
> interested in one I found a website that claims to still have some but
> dollars is a lot for a 8 inch wide printer.

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