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Re: Profiling Tools

I use Monaco 2.0 which sells for $300, but got it for $200.

I use Media Street Plug N Play dye inks with Epson's Matte, Semi Gloss,
Luster, and Photo Paper.  I'm not too hot on the PGPP.

It builds very good color profiles on each of the above, but am not sure how
it is going to do on B&W profiles because I haven't got to them yet.

Building a B&W profile without a Spectro is harder, but I know of people on
this list that do have a Spectro and they do build them for others for a
very reasonable fee.

I had the opportunity to work with elderly people for several years and got
to see them show off their old pictures as highly prized possessions.  It is
good to see you're helping them.

Rick Cambra

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From: "Bill Boy" <boy@cybertrails.com>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 2:47 PM
Subject: Profiling Tools

> Hi
> I am looking into buying one of these two profiling tools
> but am wondering which to buy, and all right now are over my budget
> after buying my new computer about 6 months ago. went to a MAC.
> It took three years of saving to buy what I have and have to live on
> a fixed income and dis-abled (C7 Quad) & if you can think of a better
> way to help me save a little money please do so, all advise welcome.
> Here is what I have
> MAC G4 867 MHZ Running OS9 & OSX Vesion 10.1.4 but plan to use
> OSX the most, I have a  Sony Multiscan 500PS for monitoir, scanning
> from a Microtek ScanMaker X12 USL SCSI  and am printing to an
> Epson 1270 with a CIS.
> I do mostly Photo work, retouching, repair, reprduction and modifications
> all kinds, with & without special effects through Photoshop 7 & Illustator
> 10.
>    I also plan to do some artwork reproduction for a few artist in my town
> and if
> all works out I will upgrade to a larger printer but have to start making
> money first,
> but without color control I'm wasting my time. Up until now it was not so
> important
> to be perfect as it was great for the people I did work for but not good
> enough for
> me and my future plans. I do most of my work now on a volinteer basis for
> groups in my town & people with little money and would like to keep what
> memories they have left (pictures of there life) to pass on to the family
> that
> is about all they have to give. People tended to just throw there pictures
> in a
> box or store them in the wrong way and when they get to looking at them
> they see that they have cracked, faded and  lost color completely and
> want
> to pass these on to there loved ones. I also put names and dates on them
> so there family will know 50 yearrs from now that was greatgrandma Smith
> 1930.
> As you have figured out by now I'm talking of the elderly. I started doing
> this after the
> death of my father 3 years ago and my mom started looking at old pictures.
> Should I spend the extra for one of the two higher priced ones?
> Are there any outhers out there I should concider?
> Is there anyone out there with a used system for sale?
> I have tried ebay with no luck.
> CV CRT/LCD PhotoSuite @ $373.00
> or
> CV CRT/LCD PhotoSuite PRO @ $449.00
> both include the Spyder
> by
> ColorVision
> or
> MonacoEZcolor 2 Bundle @ $498.00
> Includes MonacoEZcolor plus the MonacoSENSOR monitor colorimeter.
> By MONACO Systems
> Thanks for any help
> Bill Boy
> boy@cybertrails.com

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