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RE: 3rd party inks

sRGB doesn't solve any problems with uncalibrated monitors. There is no
profile that will accurately represent all uncalibrated monitors--that's
what it means to be uncalibrated. Indeed, you might just as well use your
monitor profile for your color space, because that's equivalent to using no
color management at all--the condition you have when you use a web browser.

sRGB isn't that good a color space because it has a narrow gamut. The gamut
of a typical computer monitor is generally wider than sRGB, as is the gamut
of a digital camera or scanner. What this means is that these devices are
capable of greater saturation of at least some colors. sRGB is sort of a
least common denominator between input devices and printers, but it clips
the most vivid colors.

To say that a printer is "optimized" for sRGB input doesn't really mean
anything if it supports ICM. If you turn off ICM, the driver may very well
assume sRGB, but if you turn it on, it will obey the profile associated with
the image just as well as it would obey the built-in sRGB profile if you
turned it off, so you might as well turn it on and use a better color space.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco@ix.netcom.com

> From: Bernie Epstein
> Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard think sRGB solves a lot of problems with
> un-calibrated RGB. Personally, I find sRGB perfect for web
> imaging and printing
> on my PhotoSmart and Canon S800 photo printers. In fact both of
> these printers
> are optimized for sRGB input. I've been told that the Epson photo
> printers are
> also optimized for sRGB.

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