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Re: C80 color problems

Hello John,

Wednesday, May 01, 2002, 11:18:24 AM, you wrote:

JB> Hi,
JB> I've been impressed by the professional topics discussed on this list.
JB>  So I'm hopeful someone can help me with my question or two.
JB> but even better would be a place which documents what all
JB> the possible settings mean, how they affect the output, etc.

An excellent question, and though I do not have any of the
hassles you mentioned (at least not to the extent you described)
I would be interested in the answer. My system seems happiest
when NOT printing from within Photoshop so I use the print
function of Thumbs Plus to get best results - and they are
very pleasing. But then I am using W98 (no not even SE) and I am told
W98 does not do color management well. I often have to
adjust color myself. So the info you ask for would be most
illuminating - lets hope someone on the list can point.

Best regards,
 Sandy                            mailto:sandy@mcgray.com.au

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