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Re: color crossover in color negs, chemists adviceneeded.

As a corrective procedure for this sort of thing, you might try the following workflow:

1) Add an Curves adjustment layer and set its blending mode to Hue (or try Color as an alternative). Setting the blending mode to Hue will not affect saturation, while setting the mode to Color will affect both hue and saturation.

2) Adjusting the R, G, and B curves separately, you'll probably be pulling the high values of the G curve up (to counteract the magenta highlights), while pulling down the lower values of the G curve. The adjustment on the R curve would probably be somewhat the reverse of that. Adjustment on the B curve may not be necessary. You'll probably want to pin the curves somewhere around the uncasted crossover point.

Rick Gordon


On 4/30/02 at 10:55 AM -0500, Jerry Olson wrote in a message entitled
"Re: color crossover in color negs, chemists advice need":

>Hi Harvey,
>No, from Fuji Negative Color film. Funny thing, I only came across 2 negatives in
>the middle of a bunch of others that were fine. (I have no way of knowing if these
>2 were on the same roll, but I doubt if they were.)
>Someone sent details of what the trouble could have been, so at least I have
>something to tell the client. I did correct the problem, but it took a nearly an
>hour to do it.
>SKID Photography wrote:
>> Jerry,
>> Are these copy negs from chromes?
>> We had that problem with 4x5 internegs made from color chromes.
>> Harvey Ferdschneider
>> partner, SKID Photography, NYC
>> > Anyone out there know what actually happens to color negatives during
>> > development which results in cyan-green shadows and magenta highlights on the
>> > prints or scans?  Every so often a client has one or two negatives that have
>> > this fault, and I have seen it when I was running a wet darkroom. It is
>> > nearly impossible to color correct in photoshop unless about an hour per
>> > image is spent on it.
>> >
> > > Jerry



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