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Endura ink in Epson 1280

Just wondering if anyone has successfully profiled the six color Endura (dye
"archival" inks) in an Epson desktop photo printer (e.g., 1200, 1270, 1280,
etc.)  I recently purchased a hex set of Endura inks (from WeInk) for use in
my 1280.  I've attempted to profile them using ProfilerPro, a Spectrocam,
and the 729 patch chart.  No luck -- I can't get a smooth color transition
in things like skin tones and even the patch chart is noticeably "dull" in
the reds and other colors (blues) don't seem to progress in hue across
various rows when compared to the OEM chart.   I realize there may be a
difference in gamut but none of the deficiencies I'm seeing in final
printouts (Epson HWM, Epson Photo Paper) are subtle -- as mentioned, huge
discontinuities in typical flesh tone areas.  

I've profiled dozens of ink paper combinations (Generations pigs, dye plug
n' play inks) and have never had a problem.  BTW, nozzle check is perfect.
The supplier did mention that the Endura inks are made to, "archival
densities" and this is noticeable when viewing the nozzle check pattern as
compared to OEM inks -- the photo magenta and photo cyan are much darker
than their OEM counterparts.  

I'm guessing that the inks, especially the PC and PM are too far off from
the OEMs ?  Since the amount (and where) of the PC & PM put down is
controlled by the Epson driver, perhaps the Endura inks are too far off for
even a good profile to correct ??  Any thoughts and/or experience
appreciated, TIA.



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