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Re: Need advice on 3000/Fotonic problem

on 4/16/02 4:02 AM, J.C.Wright at 100777.2666@compuserve.com wrote:

> Wire, my heart goes out to you. As you know, I used Fotonic in my 700 at a
> low usage rate over about a year. Then I got an unrecoverable clog in the
> middle of printing, but no smearing.
> I've bought an 890 and I have a box full of Fotonic for it but I'm wary of
> putting them in my new printer although I need to.
> I think that C.D. is right, we just have to accept that Fotonics can ruin a
> printhead after some time, and that's the price for such great archival
> inks!
>  John Wright
> Using Virtual Access
> http://www.soft-shop.com

Thanks, everyone, for the sympathetic comments.

I've ordered another 3000, a refurb for $750 shipped, from ecost.com.

I'm going to have this unit repaired if it is less than half the cost of a
replacement, then convert it to quad tone.

Is a head replacement something a super geek could possibly achieve himself
with parts and a service manual? Anyone tried it?

Epson's web site is completely free of service information, except two
third-party listings for parts under "Support." Should I be looking for a
general computer service shop until I find one that claims epson service?

Also, something odd happened with this same 3000 while I was away for two
days. I found a yellow cartridge that I had just filled to now be
completely, dead empty. Did a whole cart of ink siphon into the waste ink
container by itself? What would cause this? If I send the printer for
service and it gets rotated in shipment, will there be yellow ink dripping
out of the carton?!

Thanks in advance...

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