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re: Monaco Profiles & Pigmented Ink

I would quickly start the process for a refund from Monaco on EZColor.  Call 
Tech support, get your ducks in a row.  It might take a few weeks, but a few 
people have been offered refunds.  Myself included.  I decided to keep it for 
the scanner profile and the monitor profile.

  >>  I saw nothing on their website about the limitations of  EZColor2 
  >>  with pigmented inks. It seems I've made the wrong choice.  That's 
  >>  unhappy news after I spent $740 Canadian on their bundle.

  >>  Do any of you have any suggestions about how I can salvage this 
  >>  software and still use it accurately with pigmented inks?

  >>  Cheers,
  >>  Diana
  >>  --
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