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Re: samples of papers--resources?

on 4/12/02 2:05 PM, Gutierrez, Diane at Diane.Gutierrez@westgroup.com wrote:

> The discussion on this list about various papers has been
> interesting...would there be a resource where one can obtain papers from
> different manufacturers collected in a pack? Perhaps even free? So far, what
> I have seen are single-manufacturer packs that usually cost a lot and
> contain a variety of papers I have no interest in along with the one or two
> that I do...

Tssphoto.com/inkjetaart.com has sample packs of papers at very reasonable
prices. They also offer packs as small as 10 sheets of individual papers,
most vendors offer 25 or 50 sheet packs as a minimum.
Look at <http://www.tssphoto.com/sp/dg/art_papers.html>

Brian Freitag
Graphics Nadeen

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