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Re: Monaco EZ Color

In a message dated 02-04-10 10:24:41 EDT, you write:

<< Is it THAT bad? I thought about trying it, but now.....
 =Subject: Monaco EZ color
 =I have a copy of Monaco EZ Color 2.0 that I have decided not 
 =to use.  The 
 =software has been totally removed from my computer so as not 
 =to break any 
 =licensing agreements and I actually did not even use it to 
 =generate profiles 
 =as I decided to try pro profiles.  The price, new, is $299 and 
 =I am willing 
 =to sell my copy for $200.  Please let me know off list if anyone is 

Actually, I couldn't say how good or bad it is as I ended up not using it.  I 
have decided that with what little free time I have (this is a hobby) and how 
few profiles I would need that it would be more cost effective to go with pro 
profiles......... the offer still stands.

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