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Photodisk vs Illustration

Anyone who has done an ad as a freelancer - I could use your help!
My client may use a royalty-free photo in which case would come to me already 
scanned by the stock house (I assume.)
But now he is thinking of using an illustrator...
If the illustrator does an acrylic on canvas - how in the world do you scan 
that??  I can take it to a place - but what do I ask for? i assume it is not 
a drum scan anymore..?
Sorry for my ignorance. I am an art director and never had to act like a 
print producer before now...

FYI - the scan has to work in an 8.5 x 11 print ad - but also blown up to a 
9ft x 9ft trade show banner...
I am on a Mac if that matters.

Please help!!
You can email me directly at ceejay3@aol.com
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