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Re: Sharing a 1270 on a home network

Hi Brian,

I think you might confuse the lady (or have been confused by her):

> Hi Cathy, don't know if this helps, is the volume on the 2k box fat32? or
NTFS? I dont think fat32 (win98 box) can write to a NTFS volume, although it
will work the other way NTFS>FAt32.

Networked Windows PCs do not need to understand each others' filing systems,
all that is required is the correct permissions, as you say.

> Also you will need to use administrator
rights on the Win2k box to allow the share and you will need to give the
98box permission to use the win2k, if you see what I mean, complicated aint

Correct, but she evidently has the required permissions, as she states that
she can transfer files between the shared folders. What should normally
happen when the printer is installed on the 2K system is that you should be
asked if you will want to share the printer. If you respond 'yes', you are
then asked to select the OS's which might be used on those systems, and the
appropriate drivers are made available on the 2K system (I suspect this may
have been omitted on Cathy's system) The networked machine then gets the
data it needs from the Win2K system when you try to connect to it. You *can*
install the drivers locally on the networked system, but because the 'port'
to be used is remote and the spool folder will be local, it gets a little
more complicated. It may well prove easier to reinstall on the 2K system,
and select the appropriate OSs to be supported by the share.

> I only use win2k, hate 98, so full of holes etc. Maybe you could upgrade
98box to win2k, solve the problem then.

..only if the '98 system has enough CPU, RAM and a Gb of spare disk space. I
like 2K myself, but even that lacks some stuff which XP provides...

D. (also in th UK)

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