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Re: Video Cards, Advise and Going Wacky

In article <002601c1cc7f$3d30b640$09335142@created>, Rick Cambra
<slp@2xtreme.net> writes
>I want to buy a video card for my 6 month old Intel mother board with
>of ram. Currently it has on-board video with an additional 4meg ram stick,
>but only shows 24 bit color.

< And you want it to show more than that - why?

One good reason would be because the video memory accesses are much faster!
4 byte accesses on a 32 bit system require just a single read or write
operation to access any given pixel. For a 3-byte access, where all the
bytes are 'packed', you may have to access 2 consecutive 32-bit aligned
addresses to get all the bytes you need, and will always have to do shift
and mask operations on the data.


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