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Re: Which Inks To Use

In a message dated 3/14/02 7:40:36 PM, THUSBAND@sbcglobal.net writes:

>I think I'm ready to buy the Niagara inking system but 
>am still not sure which ink to use, Generations4 or 
>Plug and Play.  

Thats the two extremes... rather like deciding to become either a vegetarian, 
or go on an all meat diet!

Here are my questions/concerns:
>Generations4 Ink
>I've read they aren't good on resin coated papers.  I 
>like Epson Premium Glossy Photo and Luster along with 
>Red River Matte.  Are they resin Coated?  What papers 
>will work?  What's the difference between resin and 
>cast coated?  Will I have to stick to cast coated 
>paper?  Does the black ink smudge?

Resin coated papers squeek under your finger, its like the rosen used on 
violin bows. Cast coated papers have a funny, sort-of-glossy, sort-of-matte, 
strange sheen; a very artificial looking surface.
>Plug and Play Ink
>What is the lifetime?  I've heard it's 25 years but is 
>that under severe conditions?  Can they be used on all 
>the papers Epson ink can be used on?

Probably, being a standard dye ink they would work on most any paper the 
Epson ink would. I'd take that life expectancy with a grain of salt...
>Overall what are your impressions of the two inks?  

They couldn't be more different; if you were comparing Gen4 to MIs pigment 
inks for use on matte papers, that would be an equitable comparison. Or if 
you were comparing tht Plug and Prays to some other typical dye ink, or 
perhaps the MIS dye ink (a bit less typical) for use on a full range of 
papers, understanding there would be very different gamuts and very different 
life expectancies on assorted papers, then that would be fairly equitable. 
But you are comparing ice and fire...

>I'll certainly be reprofiling everything no matter 
>which ink I choose but will I like the results as well 
>as the Epson inks?

In what way? You won't mistake the pigment ink prints for Epson dye prints... 
the PnP you certainly might, but with no real guarantee of added life 

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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