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Re: Inks-Papers (was Re: Yellowing test + DPI Report)

I was referring to digital fine art paper (coated v.  uncoated) which the
original post was all about. I don't have any experience with any other
papers, especially glossy.

Ursula Freer

> From: Bruce Ward <bruce@brucewardphotos.com>

> I thought it was the other way around.  I thought that pigmented inks don't
> work
> well on RC paper but dye inks do.  I use MIS variable tone inks for
> black/white
> and haven't had good luck on glossy papers but have had good luck on matte
> paper
> (Epson Archival).  With dye based inks I have good luck on glossy, semi-glossy
> and matte papers from a number of makers.  I may be wrong in general, but I
> know
> what I see with my own prints.
> Bruce Ward
> Ursula Freer wrote:
>> But it's not that simple either, coated papers are made especially for
>> pigmented ink whereas dyes usually work best on uncoated papers.
>> Ursula

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