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870 and Niagara CIS

I'm thinking of buying the Niagara CIS for my 870 from Mediastreet but am
not sure about resetting the counter.  The information on their site isn't
real clear.  Isn't the 870 print engine the same as the 1270/80?  The CIS
for the 1270/80 comes with a chip that resets automatically, I think, but I
guess the CIS for the 870 doesn't and you have to stop and remove/replace
the sensor clips.  At least that's what the instructions say, although they
don't have specific instructions for the 870.  I'd sure like to use the
chipped cartridges with my 870 so it would reset automatically.  Anybody
using the Niagara with an 870?  Is the system chipped?  I sent them an email
but never heard anything.  Maybe I should call?

Tom Husband

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