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Re: monitor decision

Can anyone who has one of the LaCie 19" monitors confirm whether or not the
guns are adjustable. (I have to say that the complexities of making this
decision are about to drive me back to a wet darkroom; but maybe I'm being
too obsessive given that it's been said that non-gun-adjustable monitors are
workable, if not ideal.)

Matt Hagadorn wrote:

> Stephen Jennings Wrote:
> >
> > Matt, are you sure about the adjustable guns on the 19" ?  I've
> > been holding
> > off on buying one because I understood that it didn't have them.  Am I
> > wrong?
> >
> I presume you're referring to the LaCie? Yes, if you go to the support
> section on their site and download the PDF manual for the Electron19Blue
> III, page 13 shows R, G and B gain is individually adjustable.
> Matt
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John Matturri
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