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Re: monitor decision

Matt, are you sure about the adjustable guns on the 19" ?  I've been holding
off on buying one because I understood that it didn't have them.  Am I

    P h o t o g r a p h e r
       Cambridge, MA

> As long as the Mitsu offers a choice of preset temps (5000, 6500, etc.) I
> wouldn't fret about it. You'll still be able to make a good profile. BTW,
> the LaCie Electron 19Blue III is a Mitsu tube with adjustable RGB guns, and
> sells for about the same price as the equivalent Diamond Pro. A shade is
> inluded, to boot.
> http://onlineshop.lacie.com/Shop/shop.cfm ($399 and free shipping with Fedex
> ground).
> Matt
> Bird Photography, Articles, New Jersey Site Guides
> http://www.mhbirdphoto.com

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