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Re: Pirates and Counterfeiters of Epson Ink Cartridges

>>From: "Bruce Roorda" <possum1@softhome.net>
>>and I'm just as happy to see "Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Co." as
>> "Crescent" on the handle.  I don't care which was the original, just which
>> does the job.
>Well put.  And that is precisely what drives a free-market economy,
>stimulates entrepreneurs, provides more jobs to more people and better
>products to consumers.

 Isn't the "Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Co." that bunch of rip off artists
who innovated the die cast rubbery $2 wrenches my dear father used to buy?
Looked good but seldom removed more than knuckle skin and nut corners.  Not
all innovation is beneficial for the consumer.

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