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Re: Pirates and Counterfeiters of Epson Ink Cartridges

Trade secrets, such as ink specifications, are intellectual property. When
I used the phrase "intellectual property," perhaps I should have said
"intellectual output." In this phrase I include the design of the
cartridges and printers as well as their relationship, ink specifications,
paper specifications, paper/ink relationship, software, drivers, etc. In
short, all those elements of the user/output relationship that Epson has
created, designed, or specified that allows us to produce output we value.
Anyone whose efforts and investments have gone into creating such an
environment should be free to profit from our use of the results. Few, if
any, third party cart sellers have the capabilities of designing and
producing carts without the efforts of manufacturers like Epson, HP, or
whomever. In most areas of human endevor, whom do we most often honor, the
creator or the copyist? Which would you rather own, a Rolex or Roll-x?

Jim Wingo

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>From: "Bruce Roorda" <possum1@softhome.net>
>   Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 22:00:50 -0600
>   Epson gives away its intellectual property (patented printers) for
>   next to nothing in the expectation that they'll make up for it with
>   ink (not their intellectual property) sales.  Their intellectual
>   property is patents.  If you're not infringing the patent, you
>   aren't stealing their intellectual property.  Epson chose their own
>   marketing strategy.  Further, one purpose of granting patents is
>   disclosure of how something is done, in the interest of spurring
>   further innovation.

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