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Re: Generations 4 fade tests

Barry: <While the test prints were in the window, the control prints were in 
another room on a shelf in an unsealed envelope.  The room temperature and 
humidity were virtually identical.>

Yes, but not the display temperature. That would be much higher. One way some 
people handle this is to put the controls on the display and cover them with 
foil (NOT black tape). Depends on what you're trying to control for. 

<The temperature of a test print in the sun is extremely difficult to control 
and would vary as function of how dark the test patch is.>

Good point. And another reason not to do sunlight tests.

<I did a crude test to see how temperature affects yellowing.  Put some 
samples in the oven on the lowest setting for a few hours and they did 

What kind of oven? <KIDDING>

Look forward to your yellowing tests.

Harald Johnson
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