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Clogs, air leaks, and videotape

This thing with the sudden loss of one color with a CIS unit has made me
knowledgeable in areas in which I really had no interest.

I never thought that the total loss of one color (yellow) was a clog
caused by Generations ink. I still don't think so.

The interesting part is that the cartridge in a CIS is prone to
failure -- something you don't even think about.

I think now that the cartridge in the CIS in my 1200 failed because of
the printhead banging against the side of the printer, which somehow
permanently destroyed the seal at the bottom of the cartridge. This
seal has to be airtight for the CIS to draw ink from the bottles.

I tried the trick with taping over the bottom of the cartridge with
black, stretchy electric tape, and this gave one promising nozzle
check, then nothing.

I originally installed the CIS in January 2001, and it was on its
second set of bottles, but I don't know if age or use was a
contributing factor in the failure. Perhaps it was the printer's way
of telling me it was time to move up to a 1280, which I did.

I'm getting a replacement cartridge for the 1200's CIS and I'll see if that
fixes the problem.

I'd be curious to hear if anyone else here has run into this problem, and if
there is a simple solution.

In the meantime, let me say again that the failure was a mechanical
failure of the cartridge, and was not caused by Generations ink.
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