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Re: Is Canon Better? (S9000)

Thanks John,
With regard to their comparison, I found this criteria:

"We placed both printers side by side using the same 1.4-MHz Pentium 4 with 128MB of RAM running a clean install of Windows 98 SE. We used several test JPEG images averaging around 1.5MB and a single TIFF 13MB image taken with a Nikon D1x digital camera. Each image was printed out on the respective manufacturer's best glossy 8.5x11 photo paper in both Highest quality and Photo quality. Each run was timed, and the photos were compared for color accuracy and saturation, sharpness, artifacts and dithering, and overall reproduction of the original image. Secondary tests included black-and-white text quality and speed, software, price per print, and special features such as borderless printing".

I use Mac, and my files are of significantly higher quality and size than either of these mentioned (Cross field Drum Scans with file sizes ranging from 35 - 150 mgb).
Reading further, and the settings they used are explained:

"We printed several colorful images (flower garden, cityscapes) in each printer's highest quality setting and photo setting (Canon's Photo Optimizer Pro with Image Optimizer, and Epson's PhotoEnhance with Digital Image Correction and its patented Print Image Matching)".

These are not the settings many of us would use.

If any others have thoughts, comparisons, or personal experience with the S9000 vs 1280,
please bring them on.


At 10:36 PM 2/26/2002 -0800, you wrote:
Does anyone have first hand experience with the new Canon S9000 (13" wide) printers?
Their website does not yet list it.

A comparison and contrast between this and the 1280 would be great.


A comparison can be found at: http://www.techtv.com/products/hardware/story/0,23008,3373126,00.html.


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