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RE: New CIS in refurb 1270


Definitely install the Epson carts first so that you can be sure the refurb
is working properly before installing the CIS. The good news is that if you
are using Gen4, you do not have to flush the system. Just load Gen4 into the
CIS, install it and then run a few purge images (available from Mediastreet
as a free download) to clear the Epson ink from the printhead. I suggest
about 7 8x10's to ensure you've gotten it all (although I think some people
have gone as low as 4 purge images).

I don't know if you can do this with Gen5. I have heard conflicting reports.


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I just got a refurbished 1270 from Epson and have ordered Generation 4
inks with a Niagra system for it. I was figuring on installing the
Generations/Niagra as the first ink system for it so I wouldn't have to
spend $50 on flush cartridges (if I used the OEM's first).

Is this advisable, or is there a reason to use the OEM's first, such as
making sure the printer works ok before installing 3rd party inks, etc.
The options for flushing would be either the 2 jrano carts or 6 4oz.
bottles to run through the Niagra system. Either way, it's about $50,
but maybe the bottles of jrano would be useful down the road. Any advice
from experienced printers would be appreciated.

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