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Re: Big clog with gen5 and brand new cis on a new 1280

>  >>My new niagra system on an Epson 1280 is clogged with Gen 5 pro photo
>>>   ink and I cannot get it to unclog. It is only the yellow. It was
>>>   printing perfectly and then for some unknown reason air was appearing
>>>   in the line while the tube end was still in the ink. When I could
>>>not purge     it out, I removed the cis and did the rescue thing
>>>where you put the little clear tap that fits onto the syringe in the
>>>exit port and suck out the bubbles. Then I carefully replaced the
>>>unit. It took only a few tries to get the rest of the colors to
>>>print perfectly. The yellow just won't do it. I ran
>>>   purge sheets of solid yellow and for a few lines there would be some
>>>   yellow but then it turned to nothing. Got any ideas? I have 3 other
>>>   systems but they are the MIS cfs ones. Except for the chip, my money
>>>   is on them. What can I do to save my $225 investment on the cis and
>>>   this new printer?
>I had exactly the same thing happen to my 1200.
>In use about eighteen months, twelve with Nomorecarts CIS and
>Hadn't printed in about six weeks. First test prints were okay, then
>the head banged against the left side of the printer. Lubricating the
>main rail fixed this, but now there was no yellow. Same air bubbles in
>the yellow hose, etc., even though the bottle still had about 3/4" of
>ink in it.
>Tried everything (Check Royce Bair's page of methods from the gentle
>to the extreme). Every once in a while the yellow would print, then
>fade out.
>I finally gave up and replaced it with a 1280. But I haven't gotten a
>CIS for it yet.
>I'm a little nervous about going down the same path again.
>Tony Karp, TLC Systems Corp    tkarp@tlc-systems.com

Me too - Gen 4, 1200 - printing along sweet as you please (on the 
second set of 4 oz. bottles), then the clogs - first yellow, now 
black. Can't seem to get black working for the life of me... also 
leery about putting the same stuff into another (new) printer... The 
jump to a 7500  and OEM pigment inks is just financially prohibitive, 
and the 2000's OEM carts are the same wasteful little ones I've been 
trying to get away from.

My solution was GOING TO BE a new 1280 with Gen 5, but reading the 
above... maybe not.

Oh well, seems like it's time for a breakthrough of some sort...

Best Wishes,  -Ted

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