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Re: inkset shelf life (was Re: Ink options for a 1280)

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From: <PhotoRoy6@aol.com>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: inkset shelf life (was Re: Ink options for a 1280)

> Ernst,
>     Are you sure? I never heard any 9000 or 7000 users complain
about the
> orange fade of the 1270 dye.
> Roy
> In a message dated 2/18/02 6:08:34 AM EST, E.Dinkla@chello.nl
> > There's no need to buy the 10000 carts if you live in the
> >  There are 9000 (220 ml) and 7000 (110 ml) carts that have
> >  same ink. The price per ml is almost the same on the 9000
> >  AFAIK. Check the Epson USA site. Be careful: there are of
> >  still the old dyes available in the same carts.
> >
> >  Ernst

On request of 7000 and 9000 users that felt left behind when the
1270 etc/10000 'archival' dye inks appeared Epson decided to make
available 7000 and 9000 carts filled with the 'archival' dye.
This is quite recent, so long after the orange plague. Only
available in the USA I have to add (we in Europe are already so
far behind that Epson never bothered, not in the orange plague
disaster 1270 replacements, not in special rebates, not in nice
paper rolls when a new pro printer is bought nor in this ink
case) :-(
Well it doesn't matter that much, tommorow I will install CISses
on two 9000's of customers that will no longer use Epson dyes :-)
They might have thought different if Epson thought of them.



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