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RE: Ink options for a 1280

>Ted Greer wrote: "They have a new pigment ink set out: G5, which is supposed
>to print
>better to glossy than G4, and have a warmer yellow. But there have
>been some posts on this listserv concerning ink puddling with G5,
>actually also on Mediastreet's sample prints. On the other hand, one
>person said it is working great on his 1160. So... there is always
>Mediastreet's dye-based inks in a CIS, but you will give up some
>If Gen5 is not for you, Gen4 remains a very viable option and is still sold
>by MediaStreet. I use Gen4 in a 1280 and am very happy with it.

That's what I'm thinking - I do most of my stuff on Royal Plush and 
Somerset PE anyway.

Best,  -Ted
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