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Re: Epson-Inkjet-Digest V2000 #1751


The original comparison was between the 1280's USB vs. Parallel port.  I 
have no idea how we got into a SCSI discussion.  SCSI is still the best HD 
interfaced and I love it for my three scanners hooked to the same computer 
as well as tape drive, two CD-ROMs, in addition to several hard drives, all 
on one controller.

I am still tryin got find out the performance of the USB port vs. the 
parallel port.  Also, ratings vs. reality aren't always the same.  I guess 
I could hook both up, print the same picture, and time it.

I have heard of complaints people have had with high speed devices on USB 
due to controller limitations.



Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:14:05 -0600
From: "James Burnham" <jim@burnhamweb.com>
Subject: RE: Epson 1280 CIS and Software Questions
OK, USB 1.1 is 12Mb/sec, but USB 2.0 is rated at a maximum 480mb/sec. I'd
still choose USB over SCSI hands down. Big reason: it's standardized.
There aren't 20 flavors of USB cables.
- -Jim

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