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Re: Paper size frustration

For anybody else who may be struggling with paper size, it's amazing what
reading every detail in the manual can do. I re-loaded the paper by pressing
the paper loading-release button so that my long paper (24 inches) was
loaded up to the printing area and all is well.
Why it works that way is still a mystery to me.

on 2/10/02 7:46 PM, Helen Yancy at helenyancy@mac.com wrote:

> I thought I was getting smarter about the Epson printers, but for the life
> of me, I'm missing the "how to" for custom paper sizes. I have successfully
> put a custom paper size in - 13x24 - but it won't print it any way but
> "13x24>letter". What am I missing?
> I am trying to print from the 2000P.
> Thanks,
> Helen Yancy

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