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Re: Paper size frustration

Title: Re: Paper size frustration
on 2/10/02 9:45 PM, Robert Snow at rssnow@1starnet.com wrote:

> Pop up the Epson printer dialog...click on the
> Paper tab.  See the pick list for paper
> sizes...pop it down and look for Custom Size, then
> a dialog should pop up and you can name it and
> fill it in.

Thanks, but I did that - and did it, and did it. It enters the paper size just fine, lets me name it, etc. I have several others that work - like the watercolor card size, etc. but it won't let me print to anything bigger (longer) than the 13x19 size. I can select the new paper, named it "large watercolor", and when the print dialog box comes up it has the "large watercolor" size selected, but it says "Large watercolor > Letter" and it prints to letter size.  
I opened the layout dialog box, and it won't let me change it there either.
I'm at a loss as to what else to try.



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