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RE: ICC Profiles Use in Different OS

You should be able to port a scanner profile, as long as the Twain driver on
the two systems does the same thing, which is probably the case if you have
both a Mac and a Windows version of the same scanner software.

For the monitor, remember that a profile doesn't just describe the monitor,
but rather describes the combination of the monitor at a particular
brightness and contrast setting, plus the video card with particular lookup
tables loaded into it. That is, monitors are first calibrated (whether by
something simple like Adobe Gamma or something more complex like OptiCAL) by
helping you set the monitor controls, and then figuring out what lookup
tables to load into the video card in order to improve the response of the
system to non-color-managed applications. Once this is done, a profile is
then generated to describe this response to color-managed applications like
Photoshop, so that they can do even further corrections and get the color
exactly right. Merely moving the profile to another machine is meaningless
and useless, as the bulk of the correction is done by the lookup tables,
which aren't part of the profile. You need to run whatever calibration
software you have on the new machine.

However, you mentioned EZColor as your profiling package. That, as I
understand it, is just a printer profiling package, isn't it? In that case,
it has nothing to do with your scanner and monitor. I would expect that
printer profiles fall into the same category as scanner profiles, meaning
that they are portable only between drivers that do the same thing with the


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco@ix.netcom.com

> From: Eileen Chun
> Can a icc profile (i.e. scanner or monitor) be used in two
> different operating
> systems (i.e. windows and mac)?  I am in a quandary as I have created icc
> profiles) in Windows (Monaco EZColor); however I would like to do
> my graphics
> work now in the Mac environment.  I already have Photoshop on the Mac and
> Windows, but would really like to utilize the Mac environment to do the
> printing.

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